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Research in Pavia

Local Programme: promoting the self-access on-line student  

The contribution in the field of the study of English linguistics and translation that this project is designed to meet relates to the emergence of the “self-access on-line” student, and in particular the need to assist in the creation of self-access training modules capable of using the considerable IT and human resources available at a time when the credit/debit system has become an important part of University life. The project thus relates to the development of on-line language and translation services considered essential supports for research and training in the current University context in which research in the field of English is taking place. These developments include the merger of two previously separate disciplines (English Translation; English Linguistics and Language) into one; the greater demand for English with its introduction into all diploma, degree and postgraduate courses as a result of the current reorganisation of courses in Universities; and finally the widespread and increasing use of telematics and distance communication services.