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Research in Padua

Padua: Corpora, software tools and materials created  

Important notice:
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The team’s focus has been on the development of small, specialised corpora for educational and research purposes. The team has built on its experience acquired in the CITATAL project.

The Padua group decided to focus on the following specific objectives:

(i) development of the following corpora (zipped files, downloadable):

1) Silvia Samiolo (download)

2) Daniela Griggio (mpeg video)

3) Laura Moranduzzo (download)

4) Gabriella Bettio (download)

5) Elisa Facciolo (open web site in new window)

6) Sara Gesuato (download)

7) Lucia Freguja (download)

8) Vilma de Gasperin (download)

(ii) use of the corpora in teaching