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Arts and Humanities, General English Political Science, General English English for Science
  Arts and Humanities, General English
Two tramps Aunt Mary
The printed word Matthew
Lunch on the train The Innocent
The Parson's pleasure
Thieves Edward Skipperton
Intelligence in animals In the tropics
Foreign travel Judging
Fiona   The Assassin
Francesca Renaissance
The I Ching or Book of Changes Bring back the Bard
Where the wild wind blows The Bridges of Madison County
Pig in the middle  
The Emergence of a new class   The Decline of a language
The History of the 20th century   The History man
How Dickens changed the colour of Christmas  
The shoe-polish sandwich The Prison
La Strada A little life in clothes
Summer The law of diminishing returns
Nikita The market
  Political Science, General English
Beyond Left and Right The Female Professions
Multimedia - for the 21st Century America's Pop Culture
Towns The General Strike
Hierarchical Authority and Coordination Digital Technology
Secrets of Deng's Success Social Relations
The Role of the European Community The Decline in Birth-rate in 1876
Companies introduce Codes of Conduct Women's crossroads part 1
Old-age pensions in England Women's crossroads part 2
The European Commission Prisoners
An "Orange State", 1921-72 Free Style Mortgages
The Green Party Colombia
Voting behaviour Seals Part 1
The nature of social policy Seals Part 2
Bureaucratic Organization Life - Part 1
Poor Law Reforms Life - Part 2: Healthcare in developing Countries
The Literature on the changing role of women Life - Part 3: Healthcare in developing Countries
  English for Science
Greenhouse effect and Carbon dioxide.   Acid Rain and erosion
Acid Rain: the big issue. About photosynthesis.
The truth about Chernobyl. LEMP: Linear Electromagnetic Propulsion.
Mass is Energy.