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Here is a short story involving a murder mystery. You are going to use your powers of deduction to try and solve the mystery. The solution is available once you have done the various exercises.
  INSTRUCTIONS:   You are about to read a short story based on the character of Sherlock Holmes. Try to understand the general meaning of the story by reading the text through fairly quickly without using a dictionary. Once you have a general idea, read the text more carefully, using the on-line dictionary to help you. You can either discuss the characters, the scenario and the suspects with the other students or try your powers of deduction to find the murderer.
  PRE-READING ACTIVITY:   What does the name Sherlock Holmes mean to you? What images does it evoke? Does Sherlock Holmes work for the official police?


Look up these words in the on-line dictionary before you begin to read:

blackmail; wound; blow (noun); to be tipped to win; twinge of conscience; hasty.

  part 1