Australia and Crete
  Quiz (1)
  Quiz (2)
  Quiz (3)
  Introductory video
  Jigsaw video activity A
  Jigsaw video activity B
  Subtitled video
  Exercise 1 - verb forms
  Exercise 2 - vocabulary
  Exercise 3 - choose the verb
  Gap-fill exercises
  Identifying texts
  Writing a travel brochure

If you like travelling and want to practise your English then this is the place for you!!!

      Two islands: Australia and Crete offers you a wide range of activities: a general-knowledge quiz, videos (with and without subtitles), interactive language exercises and a writing task. If you are in an English class, then you can do the jigsaw video activity - you watch one video while your partner watches another and then you exchange information about what you've seen.
      So, even if you can't afford the plane fare, you can make this virtual trip from the Pacific Ocean to the shores of the Mediterranean.